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Christmas brought me some goodies for my rifles so I thought I'd post up some pictures. Anyone who is curious about the PSS2 zero trigger should check out the review I'm releasing in a couple days.

Classic Army M24

This started as a completely stock CA M24. It's now been fitted to the hilt with aftermarket internals. It took a lot of time and certainly a lot of cash, more than I'd like to even think about. But it's mostly done now. Shoots 525 consistently, here is what's inside:

-CA M24 civilian
-PSS2 Teflon cylinder
-PSS2 cylinder head pro
-PSS2 3-element piston
-PSS2 red piston head
-PSS2 7/9mm steel bearing spring guide
-PSS2 zero trigger
-PSS2 steel bolt handle
-PDI SP150
-PDI M24 hopup chamber
-KM TN teflon coated .04 barrel

And outside:

-Leupold M3LR replica
-G&P KAC style low rings
-King Arms low profile bipod
-Classic Army muzzle brake
-Karsten's Kydex cheek rest

Future plans:
-Remington Kwik Klip 10-round box mag and trigger guard
-Some kind of long rail like the M24A2
-Integral suppressor

TM M14 DMR/Mk14 Crane

When I first got this gun it was a regular TM M14 with a Guarder FTK. I bought G&P's Mk14 Crane Proto kit and a couple other parts. I just got the G&P 9.6v 3200mAh battery for it so it'll never be short of power again. It shoots around 425 and is accurate as hell.

-TM M14
-Guarder FTK
-Guarder steel cutoff lever
-Madbull 6.03 tightbore
-G&P 9.6v Nimh battery

-G&P Mk14 Crane stock
-G&P EBR barrel & gas block (not pictured)
-G&P Mk14 QD suppressor (not pictured)
-G&P scout mount & handguard
-Military-style scope mount
-Custom bipod stud

Future plans:
-Gas? I want it to be GBB! Waiting for a CO2 Ver7...
-Mosfet with AB
-Eotech 552 or Aimpoint replica for the short barrel
-A big ass torch

Questions and comments welcome.

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Hahaha that's very true, MiA members do tend to love the tan/dark earth guns. I've always had a thing for them; I have no idea why.. but they're cool nonetheless.

What do you mean mounted on the M14, you mean optics-wise? Because you already said what's on it.. it's just the M3 replica from my M24. It's a trusty little guy, I've been meaning to get a small sunshade and some butler creek flip-ups though.

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Yeah I didn't know if you posted an older pic of the M14, or if you were keeping the M3 on her.

[edit]What did you do to the trigger? I didn't notice it at first, makes it look like a competition shooter(complement)![/edit]

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