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EMG/ARES EV-01 Build Thread

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So I decided to try out this Striker/M40 mashup cause it looks cool and simply for the upgradeability and parts selection since I've already built a VSR platform previously. It's definitely a solid made rifle and is a Striker AS-02 w/ an M40 Chassis.... First, I love the unique trigger guard safety and stock TDC Hop adjuster!!! Second, it's not something that EVERYONE has... Its "different"...

Now... Pros:
Weight is pretty good and it's VERY durable!
Trigger guard safety
TDC Hop up adjustment
Obvious Striker series Pros out of the box
Dead on up to 125ft/38m... Lol.
Not very consistent in accuracy or range with BBs over .25/.28

I Just ordered
Action Army Hopup Chamber
Maple Leaf Autobot 60° bucking (silicone)
Action Army AS-02 Hop Adjustment Wheel
Action Army M140 Spring
(Forgot to order barrel spacers... Doh!)

I truly believe that I should be getting great range and consistency with my stock sear/trigger box while shooting .36g BBs. Eventually I'll be down sizing both barrels and running a suppressor.
Stock barrel length is 545mm-550mm
Want to run
310mm short outer barrel
150ish mm suppressor
450ish mm 6.01 TB inner barrel

I am completely open to advice and ideas on having a great performing Striker series Sniper/Scout rifle!!!

P.S. my sling loop broke so Yes... I used a key ring hahaha
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Looks the part can't say they perform well though.

Problem is the small cylinder volume will never be ideal for heavyweight bb's. Keep us updated on the build
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