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EMG/ARES EV-01 Build Thread

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So I decided to try out this Striker/M40 mashup cause it looks cool and simply for the upgradeability and parts selection since I've already built a VSR platform previously. It's definitely a solid made rifle and is a Striker AS-02 w/ an M40 Chassis.... First, I love the unique trigger guard safety and stock TDC Hop adjuster!!! Second, it's not something that EVERYONE has... Its "different"...

Now... Pros:
Weight is pretty good and it's VERY durable!
Trigger guard safety
TDC Hop up adjustment
Obvious Striker series Pros out of the box
Dead on up to 125ft/38m... Lol.
Not very consistent in accuracy or range with BBs over .25/.28

I Just ordered
Action Army Hopup Chamber
Maple Leaf Autobot 60° bucking (silicone)
Action Army AS-02 Hop Adjustment Wheel
Action Army M140 Spring
(Forgot to order barrel spacers... Doh!)

I truly believe that I should be getting great range and consistency with my stock sear/trigger box while shooting .36g BBs. Eventually I'll be down sizing both barrels and running a suppressor.
Stock barrel length is 545mm-550mm
Want to run
310mm short outer barrel
150ish mm suppressor
450ish mm 6.01 TB inner barrel

I am completely open to advice and ideas on having a great performing Striker series Sniper/Scout rifle!!!

P.S. my sling loop broke so Yes... I used a key ring hahaha
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Looks the part can't say they perform well though.

Problem is the small cylinder volume will never be ideal for heavyweight bb's. Keep us updated on the build
I definitely realized that the air volume won't be enough for .40+BBs which is why I wanted to go with .32-.36 because I feel like they'd work pretty well with it. I'd also like to try getting my hands on the large volume CPSB cylinder and see what that does too but I can't find anywhere that sells it in the US. I'd have to order it from the ares e-shop or elsewhere overseas that isn't sold out. Likely for me there aren't any HUGE fields in my area that I'd need to push the limits on a long range platform for haha.

And yes, that is a VORSK 5.1 with TM Spec Dynamic Precision internals. Still have the stock hop up chamber though because TM Spec hop chambers are too wide. I watched a video on YouTube where I guy filed the bottom of the hop chamber and it worked, so I may they that with a cheap unit first and if it works, then I'll get a good hop chamber and do it to that.
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Yeah, I don't think we have any of those in my part of the world, but we have Armorer Works, JAG, and Valken, which I think are all made by WE, which likely make those brand's guns.
I picked up the VORSK HI-CAPA in the picture at my local field But they are more prominent in Europe... Unless the field got them from Europe too? 🤷‍♂️
A few days late to the party, and I guess this can be filed under "Info for all owners of Striker Variants"... Check the outer barrel.

On my first AS01 striker, I had a problem with accuracy. Took a while to figure out why, and it turns out the inside of the outer barrel was milled at an angle - it was off-center. This was apparent because when using barrel spacers, the inner barrel would stick to one side without the end cap, which would lead to an S-Curved Inner Barrel.

View attachment 20881

Now. All 3 of those links are of the same problem, from 3 different people. It's a known issue. It's not present on all Strikers, but just be aware of it, and you might want to check for that.

Possible "fixes"? Either trying to get in touch with Ares, or buying another outer barrel, but you risk running into the same issue again. Third option... EdGI. EdGI makes aftermarket barrels for the Striker. They're made to order, you can either get in touch with him directly on Facebook or go with ELR's website. I've got two on order (one for my AS01 parts rifle that I'm planning on eventually rebuilding and giving it away or something), and one for my AS02 to see if it offers any accuracy improvements over the stock outer barrel, and because.. well, come on. Both the Tribal and Diamond patterns look pretty cool and unique.

View attachment 20883
That's so dope!!!!! I may get one just because!!!!! Anywho.... I had no idea about the barrel issue though. I don't have a major problem with accuracy with mine fortunately. Although, I don't have barrel spacers in it yet either. As of now I have pinpoint accuracy, but only at close to moderate range. So i figured I'd start with the Hopup, then new barrels and (if I can find one) a large volume cylinder.... But I feel like that'll be an overseas purchase headache.
So I looked into EdGi on Facebook.... Let me first say that I'm 150% getting the AS-02 Tuning Kit!!!! It's pricey, but I do not care at all! Pre-tuned complete high volume cylinder!!!!
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First round of parts are installed and freshly 0'd in. Let me start by saying that my first shot at my first target was 205ft. Impact just below center. Moved out to 280ish feet and was still dead on my torso target almost every shot. It took me a little while to dial in the BB stoppers so I wouldn't get double feeding or jamming, but I got it to work properly after a bit of frustration and rage lol.

This rifle is at almost a PERFECT spec for my local field... I think a 6.01 barrel will make a good difference with the current setup.
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