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Hey guys, after thinking it over a bit, I was wondering, does anybody else use special equipment when sniping(i.e. mines, distraction devices, comm gear, other)? Or do you guys have any ideas for custom equipment?

For me, I'm always looking for something to add to my load-out or use in a game that'll add some excitement and bit of extra fun. Whether that be mounting up an m203 for CQB play or using a tracer for night games, I like using stuff that adds a little "spice" to my skirmishes.
However, I don't really have any specialty gear for my sniper load-out other than the basics(radio, binoculars, ghillie).

So as a result, I've recently started to develop some new equipment to use when I snipe, ultimately hoping to get gear that's beneficial to use for the "sniper" role and that'll help quite a bit when on the field.
Some of the first things that came to mind were mines, or claymores more specifically. I was thinking having claymores to cover my back, objectives or even high traffic areas could help a lot. But I didn't want to spend $100+ on a single claymore, so I came up with this:
Homemade claymore, the design is the same as some other homemade claymores seen before as well as the actual ones you can buy, however mine is detonated by a trip wire, not remote.

The pouch is made from "safety red" duct tape, but I am testing as to see if cloth works better. The detonating design is simple. The line is tripped, which moves the small silver latch up from its closed position, which then frees the lid to open. The lid then slams open because of pressure from the depressed rat trap arms inside. The two trap arms then open away from each other, pulling the tape tot in a very fast motion, sending bb's in a big spread.

Claymore set with 10lb. fishing line. The "trip" is very sensitive and doesn't take the line being moved much, but does indeed take a knock or foot step to set it off. The trip line is adjustable and can be cut as long or short as needed. The mines have an effective range of about 30' with a spread of 25' wide and about 6' tall.

The stakes are made form scrap metal and were bolted to the back of the mine body. The bolts and nuts are stainless, and the box is painted steel.

So far I have made two of these and plan to make at least a couple more. Not counting the metal boxes I had already, it cost me about $20 to make both of these. I plan to paint them, or even attach some netting on them so brush can be put on them so they can be disguised even better.

The next piece of equipment I am making is a camera spike. I thought it could be very helpful to have an extra set of eyes watching a specific area or objective while not necessarily being near that place. I am using a wireless color camera and receiver to make this. I purchased the camera and receiver on sale for $60 and still need to get an LCD and some small electronic pieces like on/off switches , wiring, etc. That should be about $50 or so. The cool thing is that once it's made, I can use this for things other than airsoft.

The camera has an internal battery that lasts 4hours and has a max range of 400' from the receiver. Picture of it next to a madbull bb jar for size reference.

I plan to have a small screen which the live stream from the camera is sent to via the receiver. I want to power this screen and receiver with an aeg battery pack, like a 9.6 4500mah or something.
When finished, the receiver/screen/battery should all be in a protective case/box about the size of 4"x6"x2", small enough to carry in a utility pouch.

Some of the other concept gear I've been thinking about are remote detonated distraction devices(similar to sound grenades).
So, what do you guys think?
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The rat trap claymores I made weren't tandem. They were one trap, with the cloth pouch folded under the arm. Clever placement of a few eye hooks allowed the trip wire to be strung comfortably around, and same eye hooks also were used to "stake" the trap into the ground.

Mouse traps, while not powerful enough to throw BBs can be used as an alarm device. The "alarm" I used was four cap-gun caps. As you are looking down on the mouse trap, where the arm is designed to strike the rodent, nail through it four small headed nails at equal levels. Place your caps on top of that, and secure with a loose tape. Run your wires, arm the device, step away slowly. It makes a good noise, alerting you, your stalker, your spotter, and other friendlies in the area that some one has tripped your alarm.

To further add to the fun, I have been known to throw out bait in a nice open area. Such bait includes dead springer pistols painted black, dead/shells of M4 mags, bottles of BB's (stuff I swept up from the range and staging area where we play), and whatever irrecoverable detritus of the airsoft world I can get my hands on. Usually, a player will stop, look down for a few seconds, or crouch to examine if its a) worth keeping b) worth turning in to lost and found. In either case, they stopped to bent over and take a peek see, meaning its a much easier shot.
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Dishonest? No. Underhanded? Most definately. But then again, being underhanded is the point of being a sniper. We make use of silence, superior range, camoflauge, and field craft to dupe the enemy into thinking we are a pile of brush that will deliver a stinging welt from thin air. I take it one step further, and direct the enemy where I want them to stand.

I do however see your point. Might I counter with asking the difference between grabbing some one's attention via your bait vs mine? We are both trying to interupt an unpredictable pattern in behavior, and make it predictable. We both make use of something "uncommon", and potentially worth further investigation. We both want to use something of little value, but represent it as something as being worth potential reward to check out. In your case, its an oddly placed glow stick. In my case, its a bottle of random junk BBs. Both instances prey upon the same basic emotions. Would it help if I clarified that these ploys were only used during 24 hour operations? Basic skirmishes don't warrant going all out, to many new folks, younger players, etc. I also ran my underhanded ploys by game admins for the operations, along with verifying my homemade devices were "safe" enough.
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