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:: Video and actual chorno recording coming soon ::

Just recieved the er25k in.
6.03 590mm
Sharkskin madbull hop up with x nub spacer.

pending on m130 spring ( waiting on stronger battery )

BB's used
.25 TSD
.30 Goldenball

initial review:
ordered from Airsoftgi price 310
FPS test sheet stated 410 w/.20g

Gun came in a nice foamed box. All accessories came bubble wrapped.
Silencer, 9.6v 1500mAh nunchuck battery, Charger, Foregrip, iron sights.

Upon expection gun was well dressed, only noticeable wobble was in the crane stock. Tightend the lock screw in and fix that problem. Charging handle does not open the dust cover, held by magnet, surprising stong magnet. There was a charging handle spring that held the lock catch. That was hanging out. It was bent and mangled beyond use so took that out. There is a inner spring on the charging handle and it holds it in place just as good.

Compared to the actual real steal SASS it's SIMILAR in weight, and size. SASS's that I have handled have all had fixed stock. Found this one more comfy than the real steal.

It did come with a black metal flash hider, as well as a plastic orange tip. For some reason the silencer did not fit over the black metal flash hider, which is small than the plastic.
Doesn't matter half the silencer had the inner barrel in.
Stock inner barrel is 400mm, my tightbore is 590.

I was able to hit torso sized targets up to 150 with .30g accuretly. I will get a more detailed shooting report and video later this week.

For those interested. This er25 does accecpt a&K and classic army sr25 mags. A&K is 10$ cheaper

Weight ( I like heafty realistic weights )
Solid build
Different Flash hider options.

My charging handle sping came messed up
Ability to shoot full auto, ( not to big of a con, did the Semi auto mod )
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