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Experiences with x-fire?

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Okay, so my new duralumin barrel and receiver do not line up correctly, and for some reason (I have yet to figure out why) this doesn't cause wobble but instead makes the bolt near impossible to pull back.

Now, my situation is that when I screw in the receiver to the barrel, without any internals, they are off by about 1/8 of a turn. However, when I put the bolt in, they lock in place but the bolt is near impossible to pull back. I'm wondering if this is normal with a new PDI receiver and a teflon cylinder. I've lubed everything up, but perhaps it requires a break-in?

If this is not typical, does anyone have experiences with getting factory-defect items returned to x-fire for a refund? They've been installed in the gun but are in almost exactly the same condition I got them in (you can tell they've been in the gun due to lube and small scuffs on the finish). I received the items yesterday at 5 and emailed PDI that same night after attempted installation. I sent a second email to a different branch of their email service, just in case, today.

As you can imagine, I'm sort of freaking out at $350 wasted because of poor QC. This is the second time I've gotten a bad barrel/receiver set (first being on the Maruzen) and I'm running out of money. I'll essentially have to quit mainstream airsoft for an indeterminate amount of time if I can't work this out, because I'm OUT of project money, and the rifle is far from finished.
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Best piece of advice I can say is to take pictures so we can help with the prognosis. Giving us simple intel can help. But most outer barrels don't make a complete lock in on the receiver, in this case you need to go as tight as you can while still maintaining the hop up integrety and making sure that it'll sit in just even, along with mags and the like.

If the bolt is locking in place, maybe a sear got too far up into it, and perhaps you need to look at your trigger assembly before mounting it, but maybe you need to try with a little bit more resistance, then again, that's something that I don't want to say I told you, and if something bad were to happen, you come back here with a fury of Caps Lock.

But yeah, that's the best help I can give you with what I've got here, I'd say just take some pictures, or even a youtube video or something, could always help us.
I checked the bolt assembly, the paint has worn off on the piston sear, but no other wear at all (zero trigger system, hella hard to damage
). I switched out my spring guides as well, had no effect. Anyway, on the off chance that the outer barrel would match up with the old receiver, I tried that
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