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Extended Mags

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So I've have been considering making an extended mag for my UTG L96, but I haven't found any tutorials or things like that. Also I've searched around a little bit and it seems that no one sells extended mags for certain snipers, so this thread could be useful to other people besides me.
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Anything that would make me want to kill myself I dont provide any help on lol. You have to make room for every BB, room for the spring in the magazine, make it feed properly, and make it fit in the gun perfectly and stay in.
Ya, I thought about that also, I just thought there could maybe be a way.
Maybe you could find a site that does customs and will make a magazine for you but it will be very pricy probably 80-100$. By the way, what does your signature mean? I'm too lazy to go on google translate :p
LOL. buy another mag. So much easier
I already have 4 mags, but I hate reloading ;D. I thought of maybe enlarging the mag well in the back so that it could fit other clips...

And my sig means "One, Shot. One, Kill" in german
Ok. It might look a little ridiculous, but if you really want to, it could theoretically eliminate the kind of loading you don't like. I was thinking that you could somehow attach and aeg hi-cap to one of the sniper rifle magazines (use the sniper rifle's magazine as a sort of adapter for the hi-cap).
You could also try this with an aeg midcap, but those are still a pain to load. A dragonuv magazine might be perfect. I believe they make hi-cap versions.

Just a thought...
That was actually one of the ideas I was thinking about. Using an old clip as an adapter for the new clip to the gun. I'll try this out once I have time.
Use like a Vietnam style m16 half magazine!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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