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External Finish TM VSR 10

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Hello fellas,

Been toying with the idea of getting an AEG, but find myself with the desire to finish my VSR off externally. With that said, I am going for looks here, and am willing to pay a good bit.

Here is a list of what I plan on getting:

I want the fluted barrel, but seeing as it is $50 more, I can't justify getting it over this one. Especially since she will be wrapped for games anyways...

I assume I do not need a PDI receiver for this outer barrel and the TM stock one will suffice without modification?

Another option would be to get this ( and add a adapter/suppressor, allowing me to still stick with my current regular length VSR 10 inner barrel, while having a nifty new look added.


And of course a harris bipod:
I sold my last one so I need a new one. I assume this will mount right into the hole in the front of my rifle's stock? I am used to l96 ris attachment rails, so I have never had to mount a bipod on a VSR 10.

Thoughts and opionions welcome.

Here is my current rifle...needs a make over: Will be replacing old sling with my trusty ol' brown one that I ran on my l96 once the harris bipod arrives.
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You are creative correct?

Why not make your outter barrel ;) I have found that many shop broom handles are the same size as the bull barrels ;) Or find a piece of conduit and use that as a barrel.
Have you done this before? Would love to see how it looks. Do you place over top of current barrel or replace it?
Yeah I have done it.

I did it to one of the MK96's that I had. I wanted to have a short outer barrel, but didn't want to cut the stock barrel.

And nope I was able to "thread" the tube to fit. As it was a shy smaller than the diameter of the receiver, I used some JB weld to make the threads. A little work around the area for the hop up and everything worked out great.

Heck if you find a handle with ribs in it, that would look really sweet as well :D
Why even buy an outer barrel? What do different outer barrels accomplish?
Why even buy an outer barrel? What do different outer barrels accomplish?
Looks mostly. Some like my M700 heavy barrel act like a full length barrel space to reduce inner barrel wobble.

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Yeah I would need the base as well.

Woogie, would you be willing to make one for me? I'd be willing to pay. :)

And yes, it is for looks Kreeper...hence the TM external finish I am going for.
You could get a new bolt handle. I think a M203 would also make a great addition.....I kid, I kid.
I thought about the laylax bolt handle, but really like the one I have now.

I have decided to stick with stock outer barrel (unless woogie can whip something together for me) , but will be adding the harris and a paint job to the scope.
If you want me to do something I would be willing to do something for you :D

As I don't have a bar10 or a VSR laying around my place anymore I don't have anything to take measurements off of. But if you had a spare receiver send that to me, along with your broken stock, and I can get something whipped up for ya.

I have another idea as well..... and it involves using prosthetic leg tubes.
Thanks woogie! Sounds great, but actually started messing around with some extra parts.

Here is my rifle with a suppressor added, but without any adapter. Need some white tape that will be painted to replace black tape on suppressor. Is held firmly with electric tape spacers. Goes over the outer barrel up to the tip.

Just need my harris and a new paint job ( will hide the tape ) and she is golden.
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Wow that paint job looks great!

Makes me think of Rambo for some reason :tup: Probably the sling :D
Get the PDI Surgeon handle from It looks great!
I like the sling, buttstock pouch, and the wrap!
I like it. It looks like its been through Hell and back.
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