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Extra Gun

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The other day while on the Alaska Airsoft website, I saw a classified ad from a guy, and he was selling a VSR-10 for 50$. It is painted with a scope. is the address. I was wondering if I should put some interest into it, just to have a second gun? What would you guys do? I haven't found out about it's interals yet.
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Oakey said:
Most likely it's a BAR 10, if nothing else you could use it for spare parts I suppose.
You are probably right. I was just going to use it for spare parts, or if a friend doesn't have a gun and he wants to play.
I am planning on putting more money into my primary rifle. It is also a BAR-10. I am probably going to get the full EdGI kit.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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