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Eye Wear

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Just wondering what kind of goggles/eye protection you guys are using with your sniper set ups. I am in need of a new pair as my old ones are pretty much useless now that the strap has broken.

Looking for something along the lines of low profile, and easy to use with scopes/other optics.

Will be getting some Cat Crap to go along with them to prevent fogging.
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I use ESS Profile Turbofans and love them. If you're using other anti-fog devises, ESS makes a fan-less version names profiles. Had mine since the profile turbofans came out years ago and absolutely love them.
Just checked out the ESS goggles, and dang, they are sweet. Not sure I can afford the turbo fan ones, but might just buy the fan-less version. Did you say you owned the fan-less version as well? If so, how did you like them? Any major fogging? As for $80, with some anti-fog spray, I expect to not have constant fogging to deal with. Or have you only owned the Fan version?
I don't have just the profile, but I have the regular size without a fan. Unless you're sweating profusely, or have high humidity, they're pretty good at not fogging.

The turbofans are expensive, but well worth the cost if you plan on playing for a long time. You'll never have to worry about fogging and never need to buy new goggles again. All I've had to do in the 6? or so years is replace the lenses once because they got fairly scratched after a few years.

Either way, ESS goggles, whichever you choose are great and should last you quite a long time. You can usually find the profiles on Ebay fairly cheap too.
I'm tempted to save up for the Turbo's but I have some other gear I have to get as well. Getting ready for the warmer months, which means GBB's back in action, so I have to get a few mags, unless my old ones are not leaking.

If anything, I will it least get the Profiles and some anti-fog spray, but it would be sweet to get my hands on the Turbo Fans. I'll check out Ebay and see what I can find.

EDIT: Wow, just checked out Ebay. There are ESS's selling for $20. There are also turbofan versions for $50. I think I will be getting the turbofan version very soon.

Thanks Dutton!

Just want to add that there are chinese made ESS fan goggles out there. Works exactly the same. Make sure its the real thing before you buy (if you're into the real ESS)

If you're a fan of Revision, they've recently made fan versions of their locust goggles (I'm waiting for the Hong Kong authorized dealer to get some in stock.

Btw, is there someplace cheap to purchase Cat Crap? Shipping costs as much as the product itself T_T
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Yeah, I noticed the ones on Ebay selling for $50 were Chinese made. As long as the Chinese version goggles work/are worth the price tag, then I am all for them. $180 is quite the wallet burner, but $50 seems negotiable. However, the regular Profiles (real ESS) without turbofan, were going on ebay for like $20. But I am liking the fan option. So it is either real ESS (fanless) or Turbo Fan Chinese made.

How much are the Revision Fan version Locust goggles?

I have only seen Cat Crap at Shorty USA, and unless you are purchasing a bit of stuff, then the shipping will cost the same amount of what you are buying. Is that where you saw it at?

I mean, you could always check your Cat's litter box for some homemade recipes.
Much, much cheaper.
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Well, I don't think I would want to go anywhere near the real cat crap. Water buffalo turd however.. (it was everywhere on the field I played yesterday).

I heard the Revision locust fan goggles for around $130US... there's a thread on Airsoft Canada about it.. there's a 30% discount if you are a member of Arnie's airsoft forum.
Dutton, thanks for the link. Are the replica ones (referred to at the link) the same as the ones in the link below? 2eb3e172e9

If so, from what I got out of the reviews at airsoft ohio, the replicas are pretty much junk.

Water buffalo turd however..
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soldierofvalor said:
Bolle T800 is where its at. No questioning it.
Friend has a pair of these. When they fog up, all he does is run and the fog disappears. Unfortunately, I am not sure how much running I will be doing in my hide.

Unless..... "Spotter, cover me, gotta take a quick jog."
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fuzzywolly said:
Unless..... "Spotter, cover me, gotta take a quick jog."
Some guy in the distance " hey jim is that bush running....." Dont really see that as practical.
This might be one of those cases where you "can't knock it til' you try it..."

Or possibly not...

Anyways, seeing as I have gotten a few other perspectives on the ESS's, it looks like I will save up for those over the next few months. But in the meantime I have to snag a pair of something. Checking out my options now.
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I have never had my T800s fog up after about two years of use, just saying
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I just wear my Oakley's to be honest.

I do have a pair of goggles that I have to wear when I go to some of the larger games. But here around my area, just the Oakleys. Figure if they were good enough to stop shrapnel in Iraq, then they are good enough for an airsoft bb.
I have three pair of Eye-Pro that I use.

#1 Winchester shooting glasses from Wally-Mart that cost I think 5$ I have them in clear and in Amber.

#2. I have a pair of ESS glasses that I wear on a daily basis. Last game, they just stayed on. I took a hit directly to the lense from about 30 yards and all is well, not even a mark. I think I paid like 25$ for these off of Ebay, used but unmarked in any way. they came with the case, strap, and a clear lense as well as the smoke lense. I know you can get them for about 50$ with all four lenses. Smoke, Clear, Amber, and Rose. As well as the strap. I have to say, that I absolutly love my ESS glasses.

#3 I have the ESS goggles. I love them. But yes, from time to time they fog. We wear them with the mesh lower face masks, and from time to time, they fog. Heck, my 10yr old daughter who plays, was complaining because they fogged on here last game. I may have to get the anti fog spray for them.

Now for something interesting. I was thinking of getting some of this material. and useing a razerblade to cut it to fit my glasses. Then when im in Ghillie, and Ive got my face veil pulled up, my ghille hood pulled down, and my glasses covered. . . muwahahaha next best thing to predator baby !!

What do ya think of that?
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Thanks for all the information guys.

Ronin, I have the chance to snag me some ESS Goggles for $30. I am going to take them. Another member recommended I get a attachable fan to go with the goggles. Anti fog spray might work a little, but it cannot stop the fogging once it happens (without taking goggles off during play= a no no).

Here is a link to an attachable fan. I want to be able to get out on the field soon so I need a pair of goggles, and would like a fan. Seeing the ESS Turbos are too far out of my current price range, this seems like the best option.

This might sound unnecessary, but what if you took two of the fans (from the link) and put them on each side of the top of the goggles. So now you have a fan for both ends of the lenses. Would get rid of the fog twice as fast, and would work much better. Not saying I would do this, but I think this idea makes some logical sense. From the video, notice how the fan was placed near the right end. I could see the fog going away on the right side, but staying up near the left end. So that is why I thought of that.

Any thoughts?
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