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A 180% Spring would be in the low-mid 400's. Most people need around a 250-300% spring to achieve around 5-550 FPS.

Also note, for example, a 150% spring and an M/SP150 percent spring are 2 entirely different things. A 150% spring will sit you around ~380 FPS, while an M150/SP150 will sit you around ~525 FPS, which is likely where your mixed data is coming from.

sticks13 said:
Hey guys I need you help once again.

I have a PDI Exy 180 spring that I got with my TM VSR. Ive looked on a bunch of sites but I cannot find the ezy spring. Its a regular pistch spring.

I'm wondering what the estimated FPS is for the spring. On a couple of different sites I found two different PDI springs; I couldent find a 180 but I found a bunch of 200 springs. The problem is some of them stated they ran in the 500's and some stated they ran in the low to mid 400's(in FPS).

thanks guys

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