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F.N.G. from the "Mitten"

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Name: Jaime

Callsign: Ghilliegan

Experience: I started off playing paintball when I was a teenager and transitioned to airsoft (for obvious reasons) about 3 and a half years ago. I have attended a four milsim events but I normally play/host recreational games at a privately owned field. We average around 12-20 players per game. Run and gun has been my primary game for a while but I am looking to switch things up.

Arsenal: I purchased a pre-upgraded Maruzen Type 96 from a member of my local airsoft forums and I have been looking to learn more about her and the role of a sniper so naturally, I found my way here.

Here is a list of the parts in it:
-PDI 240 Spring
-Laylax Spring Guide
-Laylax High Pressure Piston
-Laylax Teflon Cylinder
-Laylax Zero Trigger
-Prometheus PSG-1 650mm 6.03 Tight Bore Barrel
-Pro-Arms 6.5inch Silencer / silencer attachment
-PDI Hop Up Chamber
-Laylax APS2 and L96 Power Accuracy Cup

As my secondary, I use a WE M9 long barrel which performs amazingly for me. It has impressive range and accuracy for a sidearm.

Camoflauge: I earned my callsign because I bought a store made ghillie which I wore for the first year of my airsoft career because I thought I was "l33t". It was decent but I am looking forward to making my own crawl suit for increased functionality and surperior concealment. Also, I think it will be a rewarding project and as many of you described it, "a rite of passage".

What are your other hobbies?: I have quite a few hobbies which includes most sports, video games, socializing, and I enjoy watching movies.

Where do you reside? I am from Lansing, Michigan.

Side note: I have been reading a lot of posts before this introduction and I must say, I am very impressed and thankful for this community of airsoft players. The information that I have read is invaluable to our sport and players. It is has been very helpful for me. I was able to take apart my rifle piece by piece and troubleshoot some of my issues with NO experience (or confidence for that matter), then put it back together and it fired the same as before! Anyways, I look forward to my upcoming projects and to collaborating with the community. Cheers.
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Welcome aboard, ghilliegan. Very nice intro post, and we are glad to have you on the boards.

You have a PM by the way. ;)
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