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Fairly new and loving it!

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Hello everyone! new to this forum but not to airsoft :) Decided to go with a more precision touch to my loadout so I acquired a UTG Shadow Ops 96 during the summer...afterwards despite it being difficult to get that right shot it...I loved it lol

Since then I added 3 new upgrades since last weekend and am still trying to tune it and get the most out of the FPS.

Recent Upgrades:
PDI Hop Up Chamber
Prometheus AEG Hard Bucking
EdGI 6.01 499mm Bull Barrel

Definitely got more range out of it...but since I installed those upgrades before I went to the game lol I lost the spring that added pressure down onto the arms...with some research I found that it "helped" it but wasn't totally necessary...I normally used Madbull .40s due to the windiness in my area but for some reason my shots were inconsistent...some flew without hop and some did...decided to try lighter BBs so I borrowed Madbull 30s from a friend...definitely got more out of that but the shots were still slightly I didn't really get much kills out of that day.

Went home and figured out that I wasn't supposed to spray silicone into the bucking (yes I know, noob mistake) so soap and water and air dry then installed it back in. Also, upon further research I guess it's really preference to whether or not the spring is actually helpful...I wanted the most out of it so I took a spring I found in an old lighter, trimmed it, then taped it down.

I have yet to field it...but ever since upgrades I guess I found myself needing more...more range...more precision...more consistency...

Anyways, that's my story lol I know you guys just wanted an introduction but I thought I'd pop that in there...if anyone wants to give some tips or point me in the right direction in these forums that would be greatly appreciated.

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Just to give you a bit of insight on the Range & Consistency. My over all focus would be accuracy then range.
Here are a few things that came to mind when I was reading your intro.

First read this is is very helpful. Some of the stuff would be able to help you with Accuracy and Range

Next I was thinking that because you are using a hard bucking it is going to take some time to break in the rubber. Try doing some of the mods in the post above and then shot about 100-200 bb's to work the bucking in.
Also you might want to shim your hop up chamber.

All and all it sounds like you are having fun and that is the most important. BTW there are a ton off good mods and post on this website.
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I would put in a soft rubber like a whold bucking. However the piston et.c can be causing inconsistancy. If you use pure silicon on your bucking it is ok but it will swell and then go down, cause I have a 3fps tolerance and my groupings ae like 3 inches at -100 feet.
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