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Fantastic $20 red/blue/green dot scope!

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Fantastic $20 red/blue/green dot sight!

I have found a wonderful deal for a scope. Probably not too good for long range engagements..
Still wonderful!
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It has a red
Astronomical object Tints and shades Full moon Event Circle

Tints and shades Circle Symmetry Darkness Font

and green
Eye Circle Tints and shades Font Darkness

dot on the same scope.
Each color has three brightness settings!
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It is not on my good rifle because it wasn't with me. I know, the rifle is terrible, but hey, it was a deal I just couldn't pass up.

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I use a similar unit on my SAW and on another assault class toy. It works well for directing a cloud of bbs toward a target but the lack of rangefinding marks has limited utility on a bolt action with an MED.

Mil-dots (or similar demarcations) are critical for properly placing a follow up shot when either range or environmental factors affected the first. Alternately, it gives accurate placement of an initial shot when the bb flight effects are being compensated for.
That's not a scope, that's a dot sight :hehe:

Pretty cool for assault rifles I suppose, not so good for anything that requires precision. I'd much rather have a scope :yup:
Edited. ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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