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Fellow Snipers in NE Ohio

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Hello everyone, I am urgently searching for fellow Airsofters in the Notheast Region of Ohio. Where I am located the closest open field is an hour and a half away :(. With gas prices the way they are it is extremely frustrating and just downright sad :'(. If anyone is Around Mahoning, Trumbull, or Columbiana County then Id love to hear from you and possibly set up a game. Id also so be willing to come to you. Thanks guys and i hope i hear from ya!
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Team TAC is out of Cleveland, but they're not nearly as active as they used to be. I believe 08th EU has some guys in NE Ohio as well. You can also check out teams in PA, as they may actually be closer to you.

My suggestion is to head over to and check out the teams section for people closer to your area.
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