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Few pic's og the last couple of games.

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Just felt like posting some pic's of the last couple of games, since i actually had my new phone with me and could take some pictures. Some in-game and some not :)

As usual I was with my spotter. We started the day being Designated marksmen for our team. No ghillie, in other words.

Light kit consisting of a combatshirt, Khaki BDU's, Camelbak and the Belt and usual pouches.

Spotter was trying his new m14 :)

Since every game is on sunday, we both tend to show up with quite a hang over
It shows on my spotter XD

Here is some random pic's:

We switched to Ghilliesuits real quick since the situation made a sudden turn:

Spotter again:


And finally, some of my spotter. taken two games ago:

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OMG. STONER!!!! Also, I hope the 5th to last pic was post game and your spotter wasn't removing his eyepro in game. Even if game is over he should have them on, never know when some dumb kid is going to light you up. :)
Yep, the game was finished :) And the stoner is SICK its like 30 rps on that thing :S
Great looking pics man.... looks like a ton of fun!
Looks like a great place to play. I also see your rifle has some wear on it. ;) Looks hot, digging the second to last pic as well.
fuzzywolly said:
....digging the second to last pic as well.
I think it would be great in the contest. Maybe that's just me.
Thanks for th tip! It's added in there now

The field is very nice to play in. You don't see all the cool terrain and variations in these pic's though. As you see, the dark ghillies goes nicely with the ground:)
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Beats my place to crap. Dense trees, can't see anything, so many branches, muck, bugs. xD
What kind of rifle do you have in the 3rd to last picture. It looks awesome.
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