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You do not need a lot of FPS to touch someone.

I have a TM and that stays stock for one simple reason. I do not want to gut out 80% of a gun that I paid premium for to begin with. When it breaks, then upgrades will be considered.

If you have plans on going to a M130 spring, then sooner or later you will want a M150 and higher. A M130 spring in a stock the rifle will work, but the added strain on it eventually wear out the piston and sear.

Like others have suggested, the JG Bar10, should be consider if you want to gut it out for upgrades right away. Also, out of the box, the Bar10 is harder hitting.

If you get either a TM or Bar10, you should consider the TDC mod asap.

All my VSR's have TDC mod done on them. The VFC ASW338LM is factory installed with a TDC and that is sweet.
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