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Fiberglassed grip.

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So i had this idea to fiberglass my 96 body, i was sucessfull in doing so. I as well fiberglassed the cheek peice and grip.

Here is a picture of the grip, very close up. Pictures of the full gun will be posted some other time when its fully done.

Yes is does indeed look like burlap, wich is what i want it to look like. However, this is burlap that doesnt fall off.
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leave it so it makes it look like its burlap, its very authentic looking. Almost right out of Iraq.
Its resin, its part of a teeshirt wrapped and hardend basically. I didnt get the fibercloth stuff because i knew it was going to itch, instead i used an old teeshirt.
im not exactly sure yet, i will have to play around with photoshop or something and try and figure out where it would look best, because where my hand usually goes is the spot where the mag is. Maybe i will put a strip or something on the sides than around the bottom.
Textured spray paint wont do the trick.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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