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Finally Coming out of the newb stages...

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Almost a year ago I got my first sniper rifle, which shouldn't have really been so expensive but i didn't want to buy a UTG or anything and get the wrong idea of airsoft sniping.

It feels like I am first starting to come out of the newb stages. Now i average 4 kills for a game and got 8 in last one. Plus I informed our team of some enemy flanks! Now people from the other team
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Ya, usually in the games we play against other teams its a one shot situation, so if you get out you have to stay out for the rest of the game

I just kinda started getting into putting real foliage in my ghillie suit and it is starting to work out. Made some loops in it to stick vegetation in. ;)
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Ya it does help a lot to get the colors right. I think I am also making progress on actualy hiding as well. I try and find places that are thick in folige but give me an advantage point over the enemy. Seems to be working.

Btw, here is my butt plate modd, kind of copied livonia.

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That doesnt look 1/2 bad Dead. I suggest just filling it a little more and smooth it out and then give it a little bit of paint and it will look perfect. But even if you leave it as-is its not bad at all. Nice job. +1
Ya, I am planning on painting the stock with Krylon Ultra Flat OD.

It kind of sucks I was tring to glue that rubber pad on and the glue spilled all over the butt pad. There really is no way to get it off...
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