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Finally Decided to Register

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Hey Everybody,

My name is Connor, and I've finally decided to register on the site. I've been lurking around these forums for the last few months, and at long last decided to spend 5 minutes to register and make an intro post. I suck at these kinds of things, so I'll keep it short and sweet, as well as stick to the template.

I've been airsofting for roughly 9 months at my local field. We're located in Northern California, and play on roughly 20 acres of hills and woodland.

As far as my rifles, I have a KJW m700 and a CYMA m14. I currently have the m700 upgraded with a 6.03 tightbore barrel, TM hop up bucking, and HPA. I keep my FPS at 550 w/ .2g (my field's limit), and use .4g bbs.

The m700:

The m14 is just a CYMA, upgraded with a systema bucking, scope mount, m130 spring, and the internals to hold up to it. It is shooting roughly 425-430 FPS, and using .3's, is accurate out to about 190-200ft. Semi auto only. It has the same desert paintjob as my m700.

I'm currently working on a desert ghillie suit. So far, only the hat is finished, but my flight suit should be here on Monday, and I have about 10 yards of burlap destrung, dyed varying shades of tan, and bundled up ready to be tied on. In the summer in my town, it averages over 100 degrees, so everything is brown or tan.

As far as other hobbies...I enjoy history/military channel, playing music (I've been playing trombone for roughly 7 years), constantly working on my rifles, and PC gaming.

I live in Vacaville, in Northern California.

So I think that about sums me up...If anybody has any questions, or just wants to chat, let me know!
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bobgengeskahn said:
How far north in "northern" Cali are you???? I'm always looking for new places to play! Most of the places around me arent sniper friendly. Welcome to the forums!
My field is in Vacaville, roughly a 45 minute drive Southeast from Sacramento. Feel free to check out our website. By not sniper friendly, do you mean the terrain isn't helpful, or are the rules too harsh for them?

Awagg- Thanks!

Inthetallgrass-I plan on getting it! I actually just started playing Bad Company 2, and I'm loving it!

Fuzzywolly- Thanks! It actually is a bit darker than that picture. I used Kyrlon Khaki as a base, and it blends with my field very well in the summer and fall.

Thank you to all for the warm welcome and comments. I am looking forward to my stay here!
bobgengeskahn said:
The fields down here (Ft. Ord, Area 48 Etc.) all have their own issues. To be an actual sniper at Ord you have to have a personal relationship with the field owner. The only person he lets go over the 400fps chrono is the owner of Right Hook Fab. who is a regular field owner and former Marine sniper. Area 48 is just not fun to play at even though they have different chrono limits for DMs and snipers, there are just too many 12 year olds and little kids that play there.

I have actually been wanting to play with you guys up there at the Vacavillian field (I'm actually a member on your website), I just haven't had the time to get up there since I work on the weekends :-/. So usually I'm stuck playing smaller private games.
Yeah, some people just won't allow higher FPS unless they personally trust the person. I think it may have something to do with insurance costs

Which website are you registered on? Civilainarmy, or Because our field is now unaffiliated with Civ Arm.
We'd love to have you! So if you're driving through, come check it out, but I wouldn't advise you to make a long trip out of it. Our attendance has been pretty inconsistent lately, varying between 10 and 40 players per day, and I'd hate to have you show up and there only be a few others.
Newbie- If you'd like, many of us have extra rifles, and wouldn't mind letting you borrow on of ours for the day if it's too difficult or expensive to bring your own rifles. I'd be happy to let you use one of mine.

Bobgengeskhan-Yeah, Civ Army used to be a game host at the Vacavillains, but some unsavory events have transpired, and Civ Army now has no field.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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