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I bought the King Arms COLT M16A4. It comes with a 7mm gearbox, which I've heard is great.

I have a few questions. I want the gun to be a DMR, so It's all about accuracy, consistency, compression, and power. Speed is irrelevant.

I plan to use either a Prommy 590mm or 550mm 6.03. is the bore up necessary?

Is there anything else that I need to upgrade, or do you suggest any other parts? I'm not on a budget, I'd like the best performance.

Upgrade List:
-Systema Bore-Up Cylinder Set for M4
-SYSTEMA Super Torque Up Type Spur Gear Set
-Systema Ball Bearing Ver. II Spring Guide
-Prometheus Hard Piston.
-G&P Wiring Switch Assembly For G&P M4 - Rear
-Systema M150
-Systema Anti-Reverse Latch for V.II
-Guarder Version 2 Gearbox Yaw Control Bar/Cut-Off Lever.
-Modify Shim Set
-G&P M170 or M160 Motor

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Thanks for the replies, I'm really looking into all of this now, I've found a bunch of Gear ratios.
Which is the best for my setup?
-40.91:1 Torque Plus
-27.5:1 Torque
-20.15:1 Balanced Dual sector
-20.8:1 Balanced
-14.09:1 Revolution
-10.44:1 Revolution

Okay, so Omega Motor. D or O pinion gear?

SHS Type 0 Grooved, or Smooth? They have different bores.

500mm Prommy 6.03 with R-hop
Which sorbo thickness?

Is the king arms 7mm shell with terminus bushings good enough or should it be replaced?

SHS m150

Also, what's better the nylon 15 tooth piston or the Polycarb 15 tooth piston?

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With an 11.1 and an shs torque, you can use the 20:1 or even 14:1. On jg blue im pulling m190 on 20:1s.

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Will more torque affect fps and consistency? I think I'd rather have a higher gear ratio than the low because I'm mainly going to be using Semi, and heavy springs. Rate of Fire isn't important to me, and I actually can't stand an ROF That's ridiculously high. 20 BBs p/s Is as fast as I'd like any gun I'd prefer a little less. Real steel M16s are like 15 RPS.

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Yeah, I'm going for the Terminusx Omega. A few more questions, If I buy a Inner barrel with pre-installed R-Hop, do I also need to buy the M-nub?

And can someone recommend another good Cylinder? The SHS is sold out everywhere that ships to the US, and I've found like 5 sites that don't ship to the US.
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