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Finally stepping up to a marksman role

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Hey guys, gals, and other pals

Figured I'd introduce myself. I go by the name of Trash, I mostly play in the New England area of the US but have been up to travel outside that area for a quality op.

I've recently gotten into sniping mostly because I'm lazy and wanna lay around under the guise of playing.

I've been in the hobby well sense highschool but took a long break. I mostly play a lot of speedsoft but that is not what I'm here to promote. If you have questions please ask away though.

What I have for sniping though I recently invested in a Tac-41 and honestly out of the box it's over performing any expectations. My plan is to run it until I need to improve something, or replace something.

What I'm really enjoying now is building my own camouflage and learning the in and outs of field craft.

Of course please see below for the required rifle photos

Wood Air gun Machine gun Trigger Shotgun
Wood Art Twig Trunk Plant
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