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Finding Noobie

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Hey all, I was looking at upgrades for my new bar 10, and I wanted to get an m-trigger from Noobie, unfortunately it looks like he fell off the face of the earth a year ago, and his online shop doesn't exist anymore. (
My question is: does anyone know how to contact him? Not just about getting an m-trigger, but because I'm also interested in his vsr buckings.
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M trigger batches still get made about once or twice a year - and sell out very quickly. Hours or days at most.

Don't believe they are made to order.
Wow, I thought he stopped his business! It's a shame, I wanted to get one of his bucking sleeves too.
I asked the same question in the other forum and I got an answer that he havent made anything for months... So I guess he's done with airsoft custom parts. :S
Well I thought he stopped a couple of years ago...
Yeah, his last posts were around a year ago, and thats around when his last trigger batches were made. Does anyone actually know him in person, or know of a way of contacting him directly? I'd hate to see all his work just die out.
I tried contacting him on Airsoft Retreat, his most used forum, but had no luck. His email address provided on his website gives no response either!
Maybe he for some reason wanted to cut his ties with the internet? I know a few people who did that because they suddenly got worried about all the trackers for adds. It doesn't only happen in mid-life crisis you know. Just thinking of all the possibilities. Anyway, keep trying. He can't escape forever.
I'm pretty sure he's out of the game now.

He actually didn't really enjoy making the triggers for people, since he's always been extremely busy with work and such. I don't blame him for dropping out. I've talked to him several times before on ASR, years ago though, and that was his main complaint. In fact, he hasn't even logged into his account since.... August 13, 2011 to be exact.
Too bad no one could get the plans or schematics from him so we could still have them made.
There's still plenty of viable options out there. If you're looking to buy, there's the Action Army z-trig that is budget friendly. And if you're looking to DIY, I'm pretty sure the M-trig is likely modeled after the L96 trigger mechanism. He used neodymium magnets (the M in M-trig) instead of springs to return the sears back to rest. With a little innovation and planning, along with the tools and skills, I'm sure it can be replicated.
Losing a manufacturer of innovative airsoft products is always sad. I'd love to be able to produce m-triggers using his plans, but more importantly, I am trying to find information on diy bucking casting/molding. I don't have hundreds of dollars to buy all kinds of rubber molding products to see what works for buckings. Noobie not only made his own, but he was able to change the rubber/silicone ratio of the material as well.
It would be good if somone could make the bucking sleeves he made. They look great and give a perfect air seal.
So if he did stop making the trigger boxes, how would one go about making them without getting into trouble for copying his stuff? Me and my buddy were talking about making trigger boxes but were afraid to be similar to his and get sued or something,lol..
I highly doubt that you will get sued by him.

I mean, when it comes to triggers or really anything that is basic, there should be no reason for there to be any sort of copyright issues. You'd have to replicate the exact dimensions and things like that in order for there to be any potential of an issue.

Also, I know Noobie. He's not a guy who even cares about legal issues like that. He sold his triggers at such a low price, yet puts in so much work to do it all, and with what little free time he had. Even if you did copy him, I highly doubt that he'd even care, nor would have the time to sue you.

If your design does end up looking like his and you're worried, just say explicitly state that you didn't mean to copy him, it's just what you think is the best design, and your design was "inspired" by his.
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If you continued making the M-triggers he'd probably be happy, because you're making his famous trigger live on! :p
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