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Fireproof ghillie

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Hello my airsoft sniper family! I finally wore my ghillie last week at a skirmish and it worked great. My ghillie is hand made and I actually got my directions from a real special forces sniper. It is not fireproof yet if that makes any since, if anyone has any suggestions on how to fireproof my ghillie I would like to hear all.

Thanks for your help.
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You could just carry a small fire extinguisher around like I do ::)
Anyway, if I may ask, why would you need it, obviously it helps, but I don't think anyones going to come after you with a match....
You should be able to get a spray that you can spray on it. Go to a sporting goods store and look there, should be something that you can use for like tents or what not.
Jute/burlap is highly flammable. To test it, set a strip on fire and see. Once you apply flame retardant, watch for a difference. Just apply the same amount to your fire test strips. You can get it in spray or powder form. Its a concern of mine as a smoker.
Yes burlap is extremely flammable, here is a link to show how flammable.

Also I put this link in because this is what my friend did with some of his clothes(he is a firefighter)
O.O After reading that I want to make sure all of my stuff is fire retardant..
Hey, I had the same issue awhile back, My field has torches on some main roads and towns, as a sniper you always get a little skeptical on if your going to become dinner for your fellow airsofters. I just promptly stayed away from the torches, then one day I went to a Army Surplus Store in Belliville New Jersey, to purchase combat boots. On my arrival they had spray on fire proof cans for five USD. I can now dance in flames and be safe
( I do not recommend such act )
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