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Hi guys first post, I am looking to start a build on a TM VSR GSPEC. I have identified the following components, can someone confirm that there are no issues with this list and that I have not missed anything?

Rifle: TM VSR-10 GSPEC
Hopup Chamber: Action Army
Hopup Bucking: Maple Leaf
Bucking Hardness/Degree: 70
Hopup tensioner/Spacer: Maple Leaf Concave
Barrel: Action Army 6.01mm x 300mm
Barrel Spacers:Airshoft Dragonpro
Piston: Action Army Airsoft VSR-10 Piston (bundled with Trigger)
Spring: Laylax PSS10 150
Cylinder: Action Army Teflon
Trigger: Action Army Airsoft VSR-10 Zero Trigger

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