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Good day all

TL,DR Tridos ssg96 airbrake fits MBO1

Well i have an old UTG l96 from 2009, needles to say the only thing left stock is the receiver. At this point, everything else has either been upgraded or replaced due to breaking.

Ive always strived to make it dead quiet (silicone head mod, foam filled stock, sorbothane on any metal to metal contact, etc) and was very happy with how quiet it was. However I was always sad that there wasnt any commercial airbrake piston heads for it. until now...

after scouring the internet i noticed that Tridos made modified.... Modify piston heads to fit airbrakes pins for the ssg24. and upon further searching i found that Canadian Cartel sold the ssg96 version (not sure there's even a difference, i thought the m24 was APS-2 and that most of the internals were compatible with MB01)

i asked around on the Sniper Ops Canada fb group and heard back from someone who either works or owns Tridos stating they weren't exactly sure about it fitting into the MB01 but said it was made for the APS2, so that made me believe it should fit. I was mostly concerned the airbrake pins would be a different size than the cylinder nozzle. I decided to order it in and test it for myself.

Now since its a Modify Piston Head, it requires the Modify Piston, Which requires a 9mm Spring... in turn requires a 9mm Spring Guide. Meaning I had to buy all new internals since i had a 7mm Spring, Spring guide, and Piston.
This ran me about 180 total in Canadian Monopoly money.

All the parts finally arrived yesterday and i IMMEDIATLY installed them. it works ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL.
I had a friend stand 100 feet away and test fire close to me. Most of the time all i could hear was the BB flying by me.
i downloaded some DB meter on my phone and tested with the muzzle less than a meter away and was getting 63-65 DB on average. I actually had to stop for a bit because the wind was causing higher spikes than the gun itself. Not to sure how accurate a DB meter downloaded on the phone would be anyways

I read on the internet on a few sites that these kits don't make your RIF quieter but just allow you to tune the FPS but i couldn't disagree more. the airbrake with the silicone head mod work absolute wonders.

I did measure the pin diameter and it comes out to around 3.4mm and the inner diameter of my nozzle is 3.9mm leaving some space but it still works well enough. As far as i know this is the first easily obtained airbrake system for the MBO1. I did recently notice that Edgi makes a sap kit for the ssg24 that has an airbrake but I'm far to broke now to try that out.....

parts list:
PDI 495x6.01 Bull Barrel
PDI Hop chamber
Macron 80 degree
basic Metal trigger
Basic cylinder head (either WELL or TSD?)
Basic Cylinder (either WELL or TSD)

Parts removed:
Basic plastic piston/piston head
AA m150 7mm Spring
Basic 7mm Plastic Spring Guide

Parts installed:
Tridos ssg96 Airbrake piston head
Modify Piston
Modify 9mm Spring Guide
Modify M24/APS2 M150 9mm Spring

Before i was getting 2.3J w/.48

Now With no pin 2.8J w/.48
longest airbrake pin 29mm 1.8J w/.48
Second Longest airbrake Pin 23mm 2.25J w/.48
didnt test any further as thats where i wanted to be.

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Well, duh. Modify M24 series, APS2 and APS2/Type 96 are exactly same spec in cylinder internal assembly.

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Well, duh. Modify M24 series, APS2 and APS2/Type 96 are exactly same spec in cylinder internal assembly.
If you read the post you'd notice my main concern was the pins. I was concerned the ssg96 may have off spec cylinder head and the airbrake pins wouldn't fit properly in the nozzle.

And when I did ask around no one could tell me it would fit, not even tridos could be certain.

When I asked other people were also curious as they wanted an airbrake kit for their Type 96s.

So there's no need to be rude when I'm simply sharing info

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The SSG96 is pretty much completely asp2. There are some minor differences in the reciever design, some parts are upgraded and the hopup unit has a pseudo tdc but that's it.
Even if the airbrake didn't fit the Well mb01, you could just buy a SSG96 cylinder and cylinder head and use that.
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