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First game of year!!

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Well my group of guys had our first game, and man oh man was it a blast! I was looking at trading my new Tavor for an M14, but nope!! This thing is going to stay with me

We had 10 guys that showed up for the day, and we played for about 5 hours. All in all we had great fun, although it was a little cold while standing still, but when in the games you warmed up quite quick.

The best part is my guard buddy was using a fellow tememates Tavor, and he is looking at buying it now. So I have set the hook in another person. For his first time playing airsoft, he really liked it and can't wait for me to get my bar10 up and running again.

Well here are some pics for ya guys.

Group pic.

Then our semi auto only game..... this was the best part I think

More pics can be found here.

Great game and tons of fun.
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Looked like a lot of fun. The second picture was pretty cool, and seems like a great place to play.
That second pic you can actually see a guy getting ready to try and shoot me
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Looks like fun Woogie, sometimes only 10 or so people makes it a lot more fun.
woogie said:
That second pic you can actually see a guy getting ready to try and shoot me
I see what looks like a guy in the second pic near the middle of the screen. Were you the camera guy or are you somewhere else in the picture?
No I was the camera guy in that pic, and yes that is the guy right in the middle of the pic.

I was at some plywood boards that are below a deer stand. Those pics can be seen in the photobucket link.
Ah, forgot to take a look at the rest of the pics in the link. Very cool, makes me want to play there. How is it during the summer months when there is a ton of veg?
Oh yeah tons of veg all around.

I can crawl on my hands and knees and wont be seen.

This is also the reason why I am working on my VSR again
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Gotta love the veg.
Would like to see some pics of the place when the summer months come along.
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In the third pic, that place looks exactly like a christmas tree farm!
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