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First ghillie. Finished*

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There is obviously room for improvement. The way the bands are placed on the Tog don't allow for complete coverage of the shoulders or head (at least not easily). This will be fixed with vegetation as there are about 5-6 rows of bands that allow for placement of vegetation ;)

edit again: rifle pictures

All comments/input is appreciated
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Thank you for the compliment fuzzy and for the reference newbie :). I just finished the rest of the backside and will work more on it in the morning. New updated pics will be up tomorrow hopefully!

On a side note:
For anybody wondering about the VooDoo Ghillie Tog; the head piece is hard to cover evenly even with all straps covered in jute, VEG IS OBVIOUSLY NEEDED ;)
ACU unders because I got them for free when a friend was in South Carolina at the base; I darkened them with some spray paint. I accidently deleted the pictures when putting the new ones up, I'm just gonna post it in the gun thread ;)

Edit: I apologize Fuzzy for posting in your thread
, got mixed up
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AHP thank you for the compliments. I was definately thinking about burlap strips as I know the ghillie looks a bit to uniform and needs to be broken up a bit more/ gain some shape to it. I did throw vegetation in it and had my brother try to find me and he never did
You sir are correct. Will you be playing Saturday at Mr. Paintball? I've also been using your ghillie suit as a reference for mine ;) as we both play at the same field.
Ya just shoot me a PM when you go on a hosted day, and hopefully I should be able to go
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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