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First post and question about Bipods

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Hello first off .....

So here is the deal I have a JG Bar-10 arriving today that will not stay stock for long that I can promise. I went with the JG since it had decent reviews and I plan on doing some heavy mods to the stock like adjustable butt plate and cheek plate so I didn't want a high investment if it all went south I have seen the videos of the french gentleman that modded his and I plan to steal some of his ideas but not go as far as he did. I plan on foam filling the stock also, but what I'm looking at is making a bipod that folds up into the stock and I have not found anywhere any videos or how-to's if anyone has done it before.

So has anyone seen it done before and if so can you direct me to pictures or links?

Another question has anyone ever foam filled the barrel to provide a very stable point for the inner barrel?
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Not gonna happen the way you are wanting it to.

Think about it.... you want a bipod to fold up into the forend of the stock. Correct?
Where does the mag go?

You can make it work.... but you are going to have a really small bipod. If you are even able to get one in there.
A gas rifle maybe ..... but not a spring.

There is actually a company that makes a 10/22 stock that has just this. Really cool idea honestly. But don't think it would work in the spring rifle area.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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