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First post and question about Bipods

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Hello first off .....

So here is the deal I have a JG Bar-10 arriving today that will not stay stock for long that I can promise. I went with the JG since it had decent reviews and I plan on doing some heavy mods to the stock like adjustable butt plate and cheek plate so I didn't want a high investment if it all went south I have seen the videos of the french gentleman that modded his and I plan to steal some of his ideas but not go as far as he did. I plan on foam filling the stock also, but what I'm looking at is making a bipod that folds up into the stock and I have not found anywhere any videos or how-to's if anyone has done it before.

So has anyone seen it done before and if so can you direct me to pictures or links?

Another question has anyone ever foam filled the barrel to provide a very stable point for the inner barrel?
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1. Make an intro post.
2. As far as i know, the bipod/stock thing hasn't really been done to the BAR-10. But if you REALLY wanted to do it, here are my $0.02, or
Livonia said:
Welcome to the boards. Please use some better punctuation so your posts are easier to read.

If your rifle has a front sling/bipod mount you can purchase this.

Here is what the mount piece looks like.
Hey, you posted as i was typing my answer.

The BAR-10 will have the stud, but he was looking for something that folded up into the stock.

P.S.- Sorry for the double post mods.
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There is a section for beginners where you can post.
Even with an MK96 stock, you will only have a few inches for a bi-pod.
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