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Hi guys firstly introduce my self.

Hello my name is Adam im from the united kingdom and i love snipers

that should do

now onto the interesting bit.

Snipers back up pistol.
now i know theres a generalized snipers back up weapon that being the mk23 socom.

But what other NBB pistols are more than adequate to be a snipers back up pistol

I was thinking a ruger mk1 with a suppressor
Boom Handle for the laughs?

Do tell me guys, would be nice to have a NBB that isnt a socom that everyone else has

Cheers guys.


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im out in las vegas... play most of my games in the desert or high plains of the south west...

for us out here gass rifles and pistols are nothing more than a royal pain in the A**!

So i run strictly electric...

First back up is a... TM Glock G18c AEP ==> $125 before upgrades
Second is the... TM MP7 AEP ==> $228 before upgrades
Finally i also have a... Double Eagle USP AEP ==> $65

if you look around there is always a good secondary in every price range.
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