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Hey guys!

Being my first post on the forum, I thought that I should introduce myself by showing you my current setup. (Oh, btw, I play at Ground Zero Airsoft in Connecticut)

First off, I've been a sniper in airsoft for about 3 years. I've been through my different types of guns and gear... I've previously owned a UTG Mk. 96, an A&K SVD, a G&G G96... etc. My current rifle is a Socom Gear R700 with a few internal upgrades such as a 6.01mm barrel, reinforced Sear Set, Piston m170 Spring, Spring Guide, etc. :) I need a little help choosing a "budget friendly" scope, though. Right now I own Leapers 4x32, which is pretty basic, but also good. I was looking at this: Airsoft Guns - Scopes & Optics | Airsoft Guns - Illuminated Scopes | Airsoft Guns - Pre-Order Estimated Arrival: 10/2013 --- UTG 1" 3-9X50 AO True Hunter IE Scope w/Zero Locking/Reset WE, Rings & Sunshade |

As for my gear- This also needs a little help. Just a little direction i guess. i was thinking of the Blue Force Gear MP7 chest rig because all my magazines (and speed loaders) will fit in pistol magazine pouches/MP7 magazine pouches, so i thought that this would be a good base. I would also think of buying a Pantac RRV backpack (which i think would complement the chest rig/carry everything else). I already own a Condor Battle Belt (in multicam, as most of my gear is multicam) along with a dropleg with an EMT pouch that holds my back up thunder B. My sidearm is a cross man CO2 GBB that I dont know the name of. I traded my old KJW P226 for it, and I realize it may sound like a terrible trade, but I did it because the crossman is incredibly quiet. I also painted it OD and black instead of the stock tan and brown.

I have just recently started to attempt the "custom" ghillie suit by Shoe Gooing netting on the back of old Multicam BDUs and weaving Jute and natural vegetation onto it.
Its getting there...

More stuff to come... Any suggestions are VERY WELCOME!


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