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Hello too anyone who reads this,

My name's Dan, I'm from the UK and in my spare time I like to dabble in airsoft sniping (as I'm sure most if not all of you do :doh: )
I try to play at least twice a month and when I'm not playing I'm working or most probably sleeping :hehe:

Always looking for ways to improve my rifle and the way in which I play so any tips you lovely people have will be greatly appreciated.:cheers:

I am currently using a Cyma 701b with the following upgrades:
AA teflon cylinder (as the bolt handle decided to rip out of the stock one :doh: )
AA hop up chamber
60 Degree ML autobot and ML concave nub
ML Crazy Jet 430mm barrel with electrical tape spacers
AA M150
Stock piston but with about 60g of weight added (Need to replace this but cant decide on what to get)

I think that's about everything?!

I've been browsing this forum for months now so I look forward to actually interacting with some people and maybe even putting up a few posts of my own.


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Hey Dan1 How is the trigger holding up to the m150 spring? Send me some pics in a private message
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