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First round won't feed

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I've been having a problem in which the first round in my mag will not feed into my sr25 unil I have pulled the trgger. It is seeming a lot like a psg1. It feeds fine after the first shot being blank, and I don't understand this. Can anyone explain to me why this happens and how to fix it?
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As golden correctly points out, it is just where your nozzle comes to rest when you shot it last.

Its caused by gear over/under spin based around various mechanics going on within the gun that are affected by your set up.

Golden is also sorta correct about the AB MOSFET, depending on how you set it up (if its a variable type) but on most 'dumb' types you'll still experience the same thing.

All you need to worry about is.....

Dont worry about it, its quite normal on a semi only rifle :tup:
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