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First sniper build

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Hello everyone!

I have a TM vsr-10 pro and I am ready to start upgrading. Since I want a durable replica without having to worry about parts not fitting I have decided to go full PDI. I have had trouble finding these parts (out of stock nearly everywhere) and decided to order from x-fire directly. My first question is if anyone has experience with this.

As for the parts, this is currently on my list:
Raven 6.01 430mm
PDI v-trigger v2
PDI precision HD cylinder set

Can I leave the outer barrel, hop up and receiver as is?
Should I buy or make barrel spacers?
Would the raven cylinder set be better?
Which spring should I buy to get around 500 fps?
Any other comments/tips?

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Do not buy the Raven! it is the budget end of PDI, it is a mild steel barrel with a coating. i have seen these rust inside the gun. Also my preference is wider then 6.01.
Tip #1:

Don't buy a raven barrel. They're so called "B-grade" barrels, not very good. I'd buy from a respectable "budget" company or I'd just go ahead and buy a proper PDI barrel right away. Raven barrels are coated carbon steel barrels, I'd go for a stainless steel barrel if I were you...

Tip #2:

The PDI trigger is fine, but you can get cheaper triggers that'll do about the same thing, so if budget is an issue, get a cheaper trigger, don't get a cheap barrel.

Tip #3:

Do NOT leave the hop up as it is. Everything but the hop up, lol. The hopup is the FIRST thing you should upgrade if you're looking for performance. The stock TM chamber is alright but there is better out there. I'd recommend an action army chamber.

Tip #4:

Much like #2, the PDI cylinder is good, but again, so is an action army cylinder for a lower price.

Long story short: PDI is good stuff, but there are other options out there that are just as good for a lower price ;)

You can use the stock outer barrel and receiver (most people do that). You can either buy or make barrel spacers, it doesn't make a huge difference. The VSR pro rifles are a bit of a hassle there because the barrel is tapered, but it's very doable. Applies to both bought and made spacers, by the way. Tapered barrels are simply annoying (unless they're straight on the inside).

As for springs, get an M150.

Since I want a durable replica without having to worry about parts not fitting I have decided to go full PDI
I have a combination of airsoftpro and action army parts in my VSR and I have had zero fitting issues. If you go with PDI you won't have issues either but it'll just be more expensive and it's not really worth it in my opinion. I'd advise against it and use action army parts instead.

I'd recommend this:

-AA trigger (about same price & quality as PDI)
-AA cylinder (cheaper & arguably better than PDI)
-AA hop chamber (the best out there)
-PDI barrel (PDI makes good barrels)
-PDI W-hold bucking (decent bucking)

Or alternatively:

-AA trigger, cylinder & hop chamber
-Edgi barrel (non-bridged barrel) (Edgi barrels are the best barrels you'll find)
-Maple leaf bucking & concave nub (the closest thing to an R-hop without actually doing an R-hop)

The maple leaf bucking will give you better performance (and so will an Edgi barrel) but it's probably going to be more expensive since you'll have to import them.
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It is a unproven fact that 6.01 are better for CQB, as it makes your BB more accurate at close range, but at far range, your shots are less accurate because the BB bounces around in the barrel too much. Stick with a 6.03.
It has not been proven either way. Wide bore or Tight bore.
What I do know is that a lot of the best long range shot on here have been done with tight bore (6.01mm or less). The downside is that you have less tolerance and so you need to clean your barrel after every game for best accuracy.
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The tighter the bore the more efficient your system will be, but it is less tolerant to imperfections. The wider the bore the more tolerant to imperfections, but you sacrifice efficiency. It's a balancing act and what you want in that regard. Me, personally, I like 6.03-6.05
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I think I will go with a 6.03 barrel. As for AA, great advice, my local airsoft shop has all their products in stock :)
Not sure on where to get the PDI parts yet. Would you advise against the AA inner barrel?
On the contrary, AA barrels are pretty darn good. They're not as good as PDI or Edgi or Prometheus but they're a lot cheaper. If budget is a concern, I would definitely recommend an AA barrel.

I've got a 6.03x303mm AA barrel in my VSR and that thing is shooting lasers.
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Hey guys, so I'm looking for a pdi W bucking for my platform. Do you know of any American website that carry it in stock?

All the website I know of are sold out and to be honest confuses me. Plus they have some kind of Japanese holiday right now so they are not shipping for a few days
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