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First upgrade question

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Looking at buying a new piston for my UTG L96, a Laylax piston to be specific and I have 2 questions about it.

1st. What will an upgraded piston do for me?
2nd. What does the little orange accuracy cup do?
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An upgraded piston may increase fps and consistency, but in small amounts, sometimes even hardly noticeable.

The one thing an upgraded piston will significantly increase is durability. Because of this increased durability, you have peace of mind that the piston will not break and this will also allow you to use heftier springs.

The piston head is required for proper usage of that piston in particular. It is meant to absorb shock so the piston itself won't be under a lot of stress (i.e. longer piston lifespan.) In terms of reducing vibration, it too is hardly noticeable.
Are there any other cylinder-related upgrades I should be looking at for the stock UTG L96?
  1. Piston + Piston head
  2. Metal Spring Guide
  3. And an upgraded trigger box OR sears if you plan on using a heavy spring. Above ~520FPS in my opinion.
If you're planning on using the stock spring in the UTG L96, then just stick to a new piston + piston head and a metal spring guide. That should last you quite a long time.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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