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Fix broken parts

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First off im new to the forum and fairly new to airsoft. I just ordered the "Well mbo3" off of, and when i got it there were no instructions or anything at all but it wasnt all the hard to figure out how to put it together. But now after having used it about a week when i go to cock it the spring wont catch and hold, so when i push the bolt back foward the spring goes with it. I finally figured out how to take it all apart and ive looked at all the internals and the only thing ive seen different then the pictures on here is that the "air brake" might be broke off but i dont see how that would keep the gun from cocking back. I would love any advice any one has on this little problem of mine. >Thanks
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Sounds like either your trigger sears are worn (after a week!?) or the little spring that pushes your sear up to catch the piston has weakened or snapped. If you have the option send it back, if not carefuly take your trigger group off the barrel and see if A) the sears look to be ok and that B) the spring is still in tact and working if not you will need to take it apart to fix it :(
Cant send it back because i have already started painting the stock. So like i said before Im pretty new to Airsoft and all the pieces and parts of a gun, so im not exactly sure what the sear is. I took the best pics i could and it took me forever to figure out how to put my camera into Macro focus but i finally got it. So heres the pics, hope this works i always have trouble posting pics in threads
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Champion pics there bud ;) Right, just so you know what is going on in there when you pull the trigger, you see the little thing that sticks up at 45' on the top of the trigger group, that is your piston sear, this needs to move freely put also needs to be pushed up to the angle that its at fairly firmly so that when you cock the gun it snaps in under the piston and holds it back ready to fire. The long thing that its fitted in is the trigger sear, as you can probably work out, this bit applies pressure to the top of the trigger itself when the gun is cocked as soon as you pull the trigger it releases the trigger sear, which in turn brings the piston sear down thus releasing the piston.

There are 3 potential things that could cause your problem

The first, not as obvious as some might think, are you pulling the cocking handle as far back as the gun needs to cock? This might sound daft but how many people have you seen try to start a car that has obviously run out of fuel, but they have damn near stripped the engine to find the problem and all they needed to do was check the fuel gauge ;)

Second, and most likely considering the age of your weapon, check the trigger adjustment screws. The little screws in front and behind the trigger 1 sets length of pull to release the other strength of pull. The length of pull can be set while you look through the little side window while you adjust the screw. The strength of pull is a matter of what feels good for you ;)

Lastly, sear wear, the 45' sticky up, sprung loaded thingy on top of the trigger group ;) will have very obvious wear on the top leading edge. If it is obviously bad it will need replacing. Not a hard task considering you've quite competently got this far with stripping the trigger group
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Well i've tried everything i know to do. I guess ill just have to take it to the local shop and let the tech guy look at it an charge me and arm and leg, but what else is there to do. Thanks for all your help Vindicareassassin. Ill let you know what they say at the shop.
No problem bud, its what I'm here for ;) Good luck with getting it fixed and I hope they dont charge you to much, if you could of got it to me I only charge for parts and a bag of bbs for labour, but a couple of thousand miles is a long way to send a gun to get it fixed only for our customs stiffs to crush it cuz the dullards think its a real one ;)
I talked to the tech guy at the shop and he said that it was the sears, but when he took it all apart they were fine so he decided that it was probably the plastic piston its self. So he ordered me a TM metal piston, and that should come in in a couple of weeks. So ill see how all of that goes. Also he installed a upgrade hop-up so it should help it to. So all together I'm going to end up with and upgraded piston, hop-up, and I'm also getting a 6.03 tight bore for it. It should be a pretty nice gun after i get it all done. :)
Nice to hear your gettin it sorted
any other problems you know where I am ;)
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