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Fixed hop up

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Ok hear me out guys.....

If you were able to get a fixed hop up for your VSR style of rifle would you? There are many pro's as well as cons to this style of hop up, so what say you?


Once set you don't have to worry about it moving
No moving parts
Easy to replace if wears out
Typically longer to hold the barrel better
Tuned for one weight of ammo


Can't adjust it
It is tuned to one weight of ammo

So what do you guys think? I am thinking about trying to make a custom hop chamber that is just this..... a fixed hop up unit. I am going to try and get the rifle tuned to possibly my BioVol .27's.

Then play with a few different things to see if that would be able to make a few small adjustments for some fine tweaking.
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True, but you can always find something to adjust other than the hop.
FPS, nozzle depth, bb weight, cylinder volume, piston weight, and spring tension (not exactly the same as an FPS change), to name a few.
I think I have explained myself on that one: When you shoot a bb at high speed, any imperfections on the bb that would otherwise be minor will exacerbate the wobbliness of the flight path. That, combined with the instability imparted by a conventional hop system will not allow the bb to fly as far in an accurate manner because the wobbles and unstable spin will cause it to deviate from its course.

I use high quality .3s, but I also run an fps that I have found to be optimal for that weight of bb.

No offense meant or taken, by the way.
The proper modifications involve the R-hop and an LRB setup. There is a wealth of information all over the internet that pertains to hop systems and other modifications that stabilize the barrel assembly and therefore the bb (barrel spacers, etc.)

The only way to use a bb flying at 300 fps is to have a very stable and consistent backspin, which requires at the very least an R-hop, and for extreme range, even more. Feeling it is another matter entirely...
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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