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Fixed hop up

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Ok hear me out guys.....

If you were able to get a fixed hop up for your VSR style of rifle would you? There are many pro's as well as cons to this style of hop up, so what say you?


Once set you don't have to worry about it moving
No moving parts
Easy to replace if wears out
Typically longer to hold the barrel better
Tuned for one weight of ammo


Can't adjust it
It is tuned to one weight of ammo

So what do you guys think? I am thinking about trying to make a custom hop chamber that is just this..... a fixed hop up unit. I am going to try and get the rifle tuned to possibly my BioVol .27's.

Then play with a few different things to see if that would be able to make a few small adjustments for some fine tweaking.
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Yeah I am planning on using a G-spec rifle, and making it a scout rifle. So I can get it and take the shot, and out in a hurry. That and I wont be weighed down by a ton of stuff either.

I really don't like hop ups that move... and honestly every hop up does. And to me this is just a huge no no when it comes to a precision rifle. If you can eliminate that factor then you can have a spot on rifle each time.

And why do you use a bunch of different ammo? To me personally it would seem that you are having to do a ton of adjustments to the hop up to get it to work correctly with a said weight. Why not take that factor out and just use one ammo :D
Since I am planning on making the rifle into a scout rifle, I am not needing it to shoot extremely fast. I am thinking around the 400 fps range, but I am going to do as much as I can for accuracy. I do have just about a full bag of .27's that I am going to use, due to them being AWESOME.

Let me play with it for a little bit dragon, and if I can get something that I am happy with I will see what I can't do to make you one as well.
Get me some dimensions and let me play with it man.... I have material at home, and I have the rifle coming here in a few days.

I will get some pics up for you guys as well.
I may try and contact Ben over at P* and see what they say.

And can we keep this about the hop chamber guys ;) I am going to be running the rifle no more than 400 fps with .20's and I am planning on running my .27's.

If a mod could move the last couple of threads before Milo's over to Cheeses' thread it would be appreciated.
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