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Fixed hop up

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Ok hear me out guys.....

If you were able to get a fixed hop up for your VSR style of rifle would you? There are many pro's as well as cons to this style of hop up, so what say you?


Once set you don't have to worry about it moving
No moving parts
Easy to replace if wears out
Typically longer to hold the barrel better
Tuned for one weight of ammo


Can't adjust it
It is tuned to one weight of ammo

So what do you guys think? I am thinking about trying to make a custom hop chamber that is just this..... a fixed hop up unit. I am going to try and get the rifle tuned to possibly my BioVol .27's.

Then play with a few different things to see if that would be able to make a few small adjustments for some fine tweaking.
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Masterjuggler98 - In that thread that cheeseman said that 400fps is 'optimum' for a heavier (quoted 0.43) bb.

Cheeseman wrote:

True, so the optimal fps for a .4 bb is closer to 400/.2

I have found this (approximately) holds true:

.27 - 325/.2

.3 - 350/.2
.32 - 355/.2
.36 - 375/.2
.4 - 390/.2
.43 - 400/.2
Also there's no explanation in that thread just an assertion ('do the proper modifications' is not an explanation unless the mods are explained, I would be interested in a proper explanation though). However it would appear that he believes 400fps is close to optimum for 0.4 bb's.

Everything I have ever read online (but particularly this: suggests that heavier bb's are better (so long as the hop is good enough to get the correct trajectory!) since they are subject to less air resistance (as they are slower) so keep their energy for longer and that they are less blown off course by the wind. However others have said that the 0.4g bb's are more variable and so they prefer to use lighter (but higher quality) bb's say 0.3 marushin super grand master or bbbastards etc.

So: 400fps still seems a decent choice for upgrading. But as always the main thing is not just the FPS but a whole host of other factors.
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2 separate points:

Firstly: Masterjuggler - You just said that 300fps was optimum for accuracy. I am pointing out that 400 is in fact better (if you use a 0.4, but lower if you use a 0.27). Just trying to give a complete picture.


Cheeseman: Glad no offence taken, none is taken.

I guess the bit I struggle with is that everything anywhere else I have read on the net says that to hit someone (and have the feel it) at 80 to 100m (300 feet) requires 450 to 500fps. You seem to be saying that its not just possible with 325 but better.

You state: "the bb coming out of the 300fps rifle will have a useable range that is longer than the bb coming out of the 500fps rifle (assuming, of course, that you do the proper modifications, etc.)"

What's not clear is what the proper modifications are exactly. Since that thread is meant to be a guide to upgrading it seems odd to omit possibly the most important bit of information. Since just throwing £400 of laylax parts into it doesn't seem to be most important part...
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