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Fixed hop up

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Ok hear me out guys.....

If you were able to get a fixed hop up for your VSR style of rifle would you? There are many pro's as well as cons to this style of hop up, so what say you?


Once set you don't have to worry about it moving
No moving parts
Easy to replace if wears out
Typically longer to hold the barrel better
Tuned for one weight of ammo


Can't adjust it
It is tuned to one weight of ammo

So what do you guys think? I am thinking about trying to make a custom hop chamber that is just this..... a fixed hop up unit. I am going to try and get the rifle tuned to possibly my BioVol .27's.

Then play with a few different things to see if that would be able to make a few small adjustments for some fine tweaking.
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If you have a favorite bb and you are sure it is the kind you will always use, go for the fixed hop. I use a bunch of different ones so I need to adjust it sometimes.
What I did, because I'm using the tdc mod, is I made a few markings on the screw I'm using and a marking on the stock. I line up the first one for my .25s, the second for my .3s, etc. I use different weights because if I am just shooting targets, I might use lighter or heavier bbs so I know the characteristics of all of them. That way if I am forced for whatever reason to use a different bb than normal, I will have no problem adjusting. I recently got the r-hop though so it's going to be fun tuning that.
For the most part, once you find an fps you like, or a spring you like, you aren't going to change. Unless of course you use a more powerful spring for target practice, which some of my friends do. But really, if you do that, it's not really practice, is it?
If you are going for accuracy, the optimal fps for a bb is actually 300. That will get you the most effective range. Cheese explains why here:
He did in fact explain it in the thread I linked to. He also said 400 is optimal with .2g because the heavy .4 will bring it down to 300.
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