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Im looking into the Sun Project M40a1 XB rifle for when i get tax returns back. The thing is, when looking at everything, i notice you have the XB with the old hop up( fixed im assuming) and the new adjustable one. The thing is, i hear if you put a new hop up in it, you have to use a AEG barrel in it, is this true? I dont understand why you would if you can find parts from PDI specifically FOR that exact rifle.

Also, ive seen mixed reviews and forums about which one is better, fixed or adjustable. I have never used a fixed hop up before seeing as ive used AEGs. What are your guy's input? I'm starting to think its a matter of preference if you use heavy bb's, in aspect that it just doesnt matter, and that both can perform equally.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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