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fixing vsr

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does anyone know any website that fixes airsoft guns. im planing to get a tm vsr 10 for 60 bucks. The person said that there something wrong with it and he doesnt know wat it is.
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Honestly, VSR10s are not that hard to open up and work on. I'm much more afraid of a v2 gearbox than I am of my spring sniper rifles.

My first sniper rifle (or, attempt at one...) was the UTG M324S, which I added a tightbore to and teflon taped the hopup shortly after getting it. I needed a guide to get it open.

Based off of memory from that guide, I was able to get the TM VSR10 open during my first attempt, without any problems. If you have a laptop, just bring that with you to your disassembly area. On a new TM, the worst part is drilling out the cylinder pin - mine was used so this was already done. If you screw this up, it's still not that big a deal. Once that is done, you have a great rifle that you can work on yourself with ease. If someone else did it already, then you're set. Even if it is screwed up and needs parts, you can get most single parts except the trigger assembly for under $100

You can do all the upgrades yourself as you learn about the internals, without the need to send it off to someone else. If you have a local airsoft forum, you might ask for assistance from a local member who knows spring rifles during your first time if that'll make you more confident, but I doubt you'll need their help. Good luck with the rifle.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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