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Hi guys, i'm new to this forum i signed up yesterday. I have played airsoft for 3 years now, but picked up the sniper role in December 2009. I have a Classic Army G3 and an HFC m9 as my sidearm.

about me.
I am a high school student currently enrolled in MCJROTC. I also like to do a lot of fishing and being outdoors, but my World of Warcraft addiction cuts into that, so i'm trying to break that connection. I hope i will enjoy this forum
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Welcome, also not to be mean but before the grammar Nazis come and tell you this, make sure to reread your post there are some grammar error's, like the couple uncapitalized I's.

What other guns have you owned, and do you like the G3, I could never bring my self to like the design of the gun, but that is my own opinion.
Horde undead rogue. I use to have a G&G m4 and a CA m14 Ebr. The G3 is a really good design to me for a sniper, just because its long and sleek.
Ew, a rogue. I kid, but not really.

I've never shot an Airsoft G3 but I have done a lot of shooting with the actual G3s and, while it didn't feel as good to me as the FAL, it handled very well. Besides it is the platform for the MSG-90, so I'd say it's got the chops to be a good sniper weapon.
Yes its a good platform. I kind of want to turn it into a PSG-1.
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