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Hey my name is James and i am looking to upgrade my Fn herstal a5m spr. All i really want is to increase range and to make it alot more slient. I am looking to spend around 150$ on this Project. For now i have just got a swiss arms 4X40 but in the future i'll get a Visionking 4-14x50 and something like a harris bi-bod. now just as a warring if you get this rifle you will have some trouble with the bolt but all you need to do is just lash on alot of lube. the range i am getting as of now is around 40 metre with a .25 BB. The first time i played with the gun was not at my normal field because i was at another field so i couldn't really get a grip of what is was like.Anyways thanks for reading and any comments are accept.Cheers!
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