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as per my intro post I've hit a snag with my build and need a hand..

Please bear with me I'll try and list everything properly.

base rifle:spr a5m
madbull sniper Red 60 bucking
AA hop unit
6.04 430mm kn head (I think) vsr barrel
aa Teflon piston
airsoft pro trigger v4
airsoft Pro m1500 spring
airsoft Pro guide and piston

so.. following videos and the tutorials here I've gutted and replaced everything internally.

everythings gone together. bolt wouldn't pull.. worked it out over tight middle screw.. dealt with that super.

The mags were scraping on the cnc'd hop.. Quick dremel of the mags around the top and thats done too.. going well I thought..

found a just long enough Allen key. played with the hop adjustment.. done.

Now onto my problem.... the sodding mag release!!! its been taken off, it's been put back on, it's been greased. its been cleaned, it's been sprayed, it's been cleaned again.. with no mag in it retracts and resets lovely... If it doesn't snag on its self..
pop a magazine in.. either the one that came with it or aftermarket ones... does not engage and hold the magazine for love nor money.. then it does and won't let go of it!!

a quick Google has shown me that vsr mag releases have little wings, my a5m doesn't just a flat peice and a stupid bendy spring that seems to bend upwards not compress into its self.

I have given up for today im too hot and bothered

does anyone have an idea what to do next? it may well be the hop guard (block) as I had to dremel one screw hole slightly to get it to sit properly.. has that maybe put pressure on the mag release parts somehow, or does the hop block help hold it in place.

if you're still reading at this point thank you. I hope I've done my build well bar the catch, if anyone has any pointers im more than happy to listen.


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