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Barrel length for silent Fn spr

  • Stock outer with spacer and 370mm crazyjet and banana 200mm long

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  • G spec lenght outer and adapter as spacer with 250mm bananos

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Fn spr a5m aka SR40 SPR CA barrel questionz

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Hey i got SR40 SPR CA (VSR )upgrading internals on the way full action army set. Ordered 370mm crazy jet barrel. Now i plan to use 0.48 bbs or 0.50 Bls(sometimes).I'm Looking for ideas how to organize banana tingy and make bommstick silent . Outer barrel its made for 430mm inner to fit.
Option 1
should i buy adapter and go with 40x200mm banaa with barrel spacers?
Or try to find gspec outer and go with it and 40x 250mm banana ( i think its best if needed to drill adapter i could) whats your opinion

Bananas will be stuffed with rings from foam soft type and other higher density rubbery foam acoustic type MIX , inside of the stock will be filled with soft acoustic foam and sorbopading on cylinder head.
Whats your opinions?

Option 2 will be more expensive AKA buying maple outer bullbarrel about 40$$ plus shipping (maybe u know other) Looking for used g spec outer barrels but sadly nobody responds for my announcements.
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