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Hey what’s up ASF? I’m selling a recent project to fund another. It’s posted for $950 shipped/fee’d in the US. Message to potentially negotiate. Can you buy a cheaper, upgraded airsoft sniper rifle? Absolutely. But I on the other hand, like to modify things and have something that’s different. If you want an upgraded Vsr-10 that’s not the same as everyone else on the field, here’s an option. Thanks for looking, tons of pictures and details below. 🍻

Chrono pictures attached.
~500fps w/ .20g
~325 fps w/.48g


-Custom folding stock (details below)
-Defiance Kriss AR buttstock
-BullTrigg gen1
-Action Army tactical receiver
-Action Army twisted cylinder
-Polycarbonate guide sleeve
-Laylax sorbo pad (blue)
-AA 90° piston
-AA M150 spring
-Aluminum shortened spring guide
-Marui Gspec outer barrel w/ TDC
-Well mag block w/ integrated release
-Action Army hopup chamber
-Action Army 6.03 inner barrel
-Maple Leaf 60° diamond bucking
-Maple Leaf Omega nub
-Maple Leaf whisper barrel spacer
-Maple Leaf mock mag holder
-Marui scope rail
-Gspec bolt handle
-Random 3-9x 40 scope w/ rings
-Novritsch suppressor
-AA 55 round magazine

I’ll talk about the stock first. This isn’t some high end manufactured CNC stock. It’s home made. I took a real steel folding shotgun stock with a milspec buffer tube, and mounted it to the back of a Well MB10 body. I DID NOT use adhesive. No jb weld, no epoxy, nothing like that. Similar to another stock I made; there are steel side braces with through bolts. It’s very sturdy, I assure you it’s solid. The trigger guard is made from a UTG grip, and there is an under rail included if you want to mount a bipod. I put foam in all the pockets of the stock with the intent to deaden sound and vibration. Any milspec buttstock will work if you ever want to change it out.

The outer barrel has the threads removed from the back. I used it for an old quick take down rifle. If you ever take the gun apart, the outer barrel just slides right out of the receiver. Just one less step if you ever swap springs. I also added some foam discs over the inner barrel for more sound/vibration deadening. The receiver, outer barrel and mock mag are all painted texture black.

The bolt handle is a Gspec configuration. It just has a nicer lift compared to a standard Vsr-10 Pro setup. It was painted tan at some point and it’s faded. Has that “I use my rifle” look. The spring guide is a random aluminum one I had laying around. It’s shortened if you ever want to run a shorter piston.

This gun is a beast. I’m not going to tell you is the best thing out there but it’s ready to hit the field and get some kills for sure. Most of the parts are brand new with the exception of the BullTrigg. It has 500 shots on it TOPS. I basically built this rifle around the trigger after I got my gen2.

Right now the gun is right handed. IF you want it to be left handed, I will sell and install a left handed conversion but ONLY if you buy my EdGi cylinder too. It would be an extra $225 for Maple Leaf receiver, spiral bolt handle, and EdGi stainless cylinder set.

If you want to shave the price down, I would consider removing a few parts such as the suppressor. Maybe keep the twisted cylinder if you have your own. Other than that it comes as is. The scope is included regardless.

This gun is not perfect. It’s something I made because I like to build Vsr-10s. Like I mentioned before you can certainly buy a cheaper airsoft sniper rifle. But if you want something fully upgraded and unique, here’s an option. It would cost around a grand to build something like this if you source out all of the parts and assemble it like I did.

I will update this weekend with chrono numbers. (My friend is borrowing my chrono.) For now I can tell you that it shoots far and has a nice, flat trajectory for a brand new bucking. 200+ shots shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for looking!!


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