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There's one item you can't avoid using: Socks... Right? WRONG (of course)!

You see, socks are deeply flawed. If you have wide feet or jutting heels, they're a pain to get on, and if holes develop, you're screwed. My feet are 13 4E with huge heels. Socks wore fast and took too long to put on.

Fast forward... I'm on and I see NVA foot wraps. Intrigued by the thought of an alternative for socks, I bought six pairs. Shipping was fast. I came home from a retreat at a Dominican retreat house, and they were in a nice pile on my dresser (benefits to living with one's family: no packages stolen off of your porch). I wrapped them and... They were so comfortable! No joke, they contend with the awesomely comfortable Boy Scout socks. They're also great if you hate your feet shifting in your shoes. Oh, and shoes with footwraps creates a "burrito of comfort"- it is a bit of a tight fit, though. They're a tough wool/cotton on the outside and comfortable flannell(sp?)-ish stuff on the inside. The color can best be described as "Russian Peasant Gray".

A word to the wise if you plan to get footwraps (which I recommend): They're easy to wrap properly, but easier to wrap incorrectly. Incorrect wrapping leads to cysts, boils and blisters: DO IT RIGHT! Don't wrap loose: They'll fall down, bunch up, and hurt your feet. Don't have seams on the bottom. If you can, tie off the top to prevent unwrappng. Re-wrap as needed.

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