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For sale: Polarstar PR-15 package

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Keep in contact, please!
Don't be afraid to call.
Shipped within 48 hours of payment via UPS for guns
I will meet within an hour (40 or so miles) of 49456
No low balls, please remember this is my rifle.
KEEP. IN CONTACT. Please, it's important
Pictures at bottom.

Up for sale today is my Polarstar PR-15

It was bought a week after it was released. It's currently the nicest gun i've ever played with.

Now, you're wondering, why sell it? I just can't afford to keep it, I need money to fix up my car and as well as buy gas.

The bundle will include:
350 FPS Nozzle, 410 FPS Nozzle, 550 FPS Nozzle, (green, blue, red)
Palmers 2 stage regulator, with adjustable PSI output from 85-130 (GREAT for the p*)
Two Ninja Tanks (48 cu, 60 cu in) 3000 PSI
The rifle which comes with:
GemTech QD Silencer
Magpul Flip ups
1000mAh Crane Stock LiPo for the FCU Unit
Magpul PTS Handgrip (Pistol grip techinally)
Scuba Tank Fill Station adaptor
Completely upgraded hop-up:
King Arms Hop-up
G&G Bucking
EDGI 455m 6.01mm Tightbore

I will include all the sheets from purchase, including the programming of the FCU, and i'll hand right the setting you'd like to use for each nozzle and what will get you real gun rate of fire.

Now, for the bundle, I am asking 875 SHIPPED to your door.

I will take trades, but they will more than likely need to include cash.
No gear please, for AEGs, stick to upgraded, higher end guns. No DBoys etc.
I live in 49456, and if you'd like to pick it up, I will include the Scuba Tank to fill the tanks for free of charge for 875.

I CAN drive up to 35 miles of where I live (Grand Rapids maximum)
This gun is my pride and joy, and I wish to keep it but I cannot.

Contact me via PM or 616 502 6946 for quick responses.

***The ghillie has been removed, and the suppressor is different now, I have a new one. I can send you updated picture if you text me or ask!******
Pictures below:

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nice gun

hey i live in wisco when do you need the money by?
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